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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Q & A / Emailing Nude Photos? Not!

Q: Hi, Chris:

I'm age 27 and recently met a man online. He does not live in my state. We have been talking and texting for about two weeks. Almost immediately, the issue came up about the sending and receiving of nude pictures. I was very clear in my desire to not be sent anything nude below the belt.

Our conversations have, a few times, included some "PG-13" sexual topics. Today, I open my email to find a nude picture of his goods - cropped, up close and personal! I'm shocked and offended.

Why would he do that, after my explicit request not to?

Should I ever talk to him again?

--- "Oh no, you didn't!" in Denver

A: Dear Bachelorette:

First, send me all nude photos men email you, so I can screen them personally (KIDDING!)

Bad joking aside, this is a serious offense and not to be taken lightly by the man who did this to you. I don't blame you for being shocked and offended, you should be! You made it very clear to him you wanted no nude ANYTHING below the belt.

For future consideration, how about insisting no nude or shirtless pictures period? Unfortunately, you sent mixed signals to this guy (having "PG-13" sex chats with him.) In his mind, you opened the door for more, and he ignored your "no nude photos below the belt" request. It was boorish and wrong of him to send it, regardless.

Unfortunately, this seems to be a fairly rampant problem with online courting. (Can we bring back romance again, please? You know, when men bought you a rose and handed it to you on your first date--rather than his body parts beforehand?)

It's very offensive if or when a man does this, and NOT sexy at all (let's leave it for the bedroom, okay guys?)

You ask if you should ever talk to him again? If all you want is more sex chat and nude photos, then yes. If you want to be treated like the lady you are, then shut the PG-13 theater down for good.