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Friday, June 19, 2009


Q: Hi, Chris:

There is a popular rumor going around my group of friends. They say my boyfriend, "Russ," cheated on me with this one chick, "Jenny."  No one has any proof, and my boyfriend never told anyone it happened. 

For a month straight, Russ was always hanging out with this one dude (Jenny lives with him.)  Everyone thought Russ was cheating on me and for a little bit; I began to believe the rumors.  I asked him more than once if anything ever happened between them, and he swears up and down nothing ever did. 

It drives me crazy because maybe he is telling me the truth, and maybe he isn't.  I'm afraid I'll never know the truth. 

If Russ did cheat on me, he is the only one who knows and will never admit it.  I can't end our relationship over something that might not have happened. I find it hard for me to get closer to him, because the idea of him cheating is in the back of my mind.

I don't know what to do or how to handle this.  Please help.

--- Miserable in Missouri


A: Dear Bachelorette:

Oh, dear.  Where there is smoke, there is usually fire.  And sometimes where there is smoke, that's all it is—smoke. Nothing more, nothing less. 

You say if Russ cheated on you, he is the only one who knows. Well, we know that's not true.  If he cheated with Jenny, then Jenny knows, too.  Or if it was an Ménage à trois, then all three of them know:  Russ, Jenny and "the dude."

I'm going to tell you, for peace of mind, please give Russ the benefit of doubt.  Why? Because rumors can rear their ugly little head.  Rumors are just that...rumor.  Not fact.

You wonder what was going on when Russ hung out with his dude friend for a month. Maybe your boyfriend just needed guy time, and Jenny was an innocent bystander.  Since this dude and Jenny live together, where is she supposed to go when he has friends over?

At worse, maybe your boyfriend had a little crush on Jenny, while visiting his friend. That may explain why he was hanging out there a wee bit too often.   If so, looks like he got over it, since Russ is not hanging out there as much.

As I alluded earlier, maybe Russ just needed some space and wanted to hang out with his friend.  I'm all for giving space, but never at the expense of neglecting your significant other. Maybe those are things you should talk about with Russ.  

And the next time he heads for "dude's" home, ask if you can hang out with everyone, too.   That makes the most sense to me: you, Russ, dude and Jenny.  Go out for dinner; go to a concert or go dancing—all four of you.

Now go put a big smile on your face and give Russ a big hug and kiss.  Keep the fires burning, so home-sweet-home to him is hanging out with you, too :)


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