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Saturday, January 01, 2011


Q: Hi, Chris:

Yesterday on New Year’s Eve, my girlfriend’s mother was a little drunk and made a pass at me. She is a really hot 50-something woman and have to admit I’ve fantasized about her now and then. I’m only 22 and my girl is 23. I didn’t do anything with her mom and did not tell “Becky” what her mom did. Should I just move on or get a groove on with her mom?

--- Has a thing for hot mama in New York City

A: Dear “Get a Groove On:”

What you need to do is take a cold shower, look at yourself in the mirror and repeat 1,000 times: Becky is my girl, Becky is my girl, Becky is my girl, Becky is my many times as you need to say it until you believe it. I’m all for younger men dating older women, but NOT when they are already involved and certainly not their girlfriend’s mom. When you and Becky stop dating (um, sorry, my 2011 prediction), find yourself a hot 32-year-old and count your blessings.