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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Q & A / Why Rush to Get Her In Bed?

Q: Hi, Chris:

I recently met a woman who I really like, but she seemed rather reserved. How do I know how good in bed she’ll be, when she acted like an Ice Princess on our first date? I've asked her out again and she readily accepted.

--- Can't wait for some action in Atlanta

A: Dear Bachelor:

Melt this Ice Princess with your charm?

when you get to know her with NO expectations, it will win her over tenfold...and you’ll have your answer sooner than later.

And what SHOULD she have done on a first date—maybe a strip tease act at the dinner table? Some men are never satisfied.

Sex only complicates matters, so waiting for it until BOTH parties are truly ready will be a beautiful thing.

Keep it zipped up for now.